Deep eutectic solvents for liquid-liquid extraction-denitrification
Corresponding Author:
Received: 08.04.202
Accepted 29.05.202

In this study, a new type of deep eutectic solvent was prepared and tested for the selective extraction of nitrogen compounds from model fuels. DES2 was made of triethylammonium acetate [TEA]+[AcO]- and glycerol in a volume ratio of 1:6 and 1:12. The extraction capacity of DES2 was evaluated and compared to DES1a, and DES1b. The denitrification process was carried out at room temperature. The volume ratio of DESs to model fuels were taken 1:1. Obtained results showed, that DES2 was highly selective for all nitrogen compounds (pyridine, quinoline, indole, and pyridine/quinoline mixture) in a one-step liquid-liquid extraction (LLE). All experiments were evaluated by NMR spectra.

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