The Aims and Scope

Publication language is English. Articles published in the Energy, Environment and Storage journal are full open access. All expenses in publishing the articles are covered by Erciyes Energy Association. Now, Authors do not pay any article processing charges or other fees.
Aim and Scope;
Energy, Environment and Storage Journal (ENENSTRG) aims to provide a referenced scientific platform for the academic community by including the academics whose researches and findings will provide a contribution to fund of knowledge in Energy technologies and sustainability in terms of articles, books, translations, reviews, critics by obeying the ethics of science.

Energy, Environment and Storage Journal (ENENSTRG) which was first published in 26.05.2021, is a free of charge , open–access and peer-reviewed scientific journal published by Erciyes Energy Association. All manuscript can be accessed online at
The journal admits the articles in the fields of all kinds of energy technologies, environment, materials, process control systems, and industrial systems and related fields in English language. Below you can find the detailed field names that constitute the subject for the researches:

• Hydrogen Fuels
• Hydrogen and Fuel Cells
• Hydrogen Economic
• Biomass
• Solar PV Technology
• Solar Thermal Applications
• Wind Energy
• Materials for Energy
• Drones and Energy Applications
• Nuclear Energy and Applications
• Hydro Power
• Fuel Technologies (CNG, LNG, LPG, Diesel, Gasoline, Etanol, etc)
• Numerical Modelling
• Energy Storage and Systems
• Battery Technologies
• Energy Management
• Heat and Mass Transfer
• Aerodynamics
• Aerospace and Energy Applications
• Combustion
• Electric Vehicle Transportation
• Off-grid Energy Systems
• Environment Management
• Air Pollution
• Water and Wastewater Pollution
• Water and Wastewater Management
• Waste Management
• Global Warming and Climate Change
• Environmental Ecosystems
•Environmental System Modelling and Optimization
• Ecological Applications or Conservation