Evaluation of conducting properties of biopolymer electrolyte k-carrageenan with the effect of three different ammonium salts
Corresponding Author: Dr.M.Nithya
Received: 31.01.202
Accepted 27.05.202
Published 29.05.202

ABSTRACT. In the present work kappa-carrageenan (KC) with different ammonium salts NH4Cl, NH4Br, and NH4I membrane were successfully synthesized by the Solution Casting technique. The prepared eco-friendly membrane is subjected to ionic conductivity study, XRD study, transference number studies, and then it’s compared. The ionic conductivity value for 1gm (KC) with 200 mg NH4Cl is 1.81× 10-4 S/cm, 1gm (KC) with 300 mg NH4Br is 2.80× 10-3 S/cm, 1gm (KC) with 400 mg NH4I is 5.88× 10-5 S/cm. Among all the three, combinations the 1gm (KC) with 300 mg NH4Br gives high ionic conductivity. From the XRD pattern, 1gm K-carrageenan NH4Cl incorporation greatly enriched the amorphous region. All the three membranes transference numbers are very close to unity. Among all the three combinations, 1gm k- carrageenan with 300 mg NH4Br is the best combination for the application of fuel cell battery.

Graphical Abstract: