Corresponding Author:
Received: 30.05.202
Accepted 30.05.202
Published 30.05.202

- Evaluation of Conducting Properties of Biopolymer Electrolyte K-Carrageenan with The Effect of Three Different Ammonium Salts (M. Nithya) (42-44)
- Determination of a New Performance Indicator for the Assessment of Stand-Alone PV System (Francis-Daniel Menga, Jorel landry Owona, Oumarou Djoubairou Oumarou) (45-51)
- Theoretical Study of The Use of Lfscs in Terms of Energy for Textile Factories: The Example of Saint Louis in Senegal (Issa SY, İbrahim Üçgül) (52-58)
- Optimization of the Effects of Binary Hybrid Nanofluid Synthesis Parameters on the Thermal and Hydraulic Characteristics (Orhan Keklikcioglu, Veysel Ozceyhan) (59-65)
- Deep Eutectic Solvents for Liquid-Liquid Extraction-Denitrification (Sayad Niftullayeva, Yegana Mamedova, Ibrahim Mamedov) (66-69)
- A Comparison of Energy Use in Conventional and Organic Olive Production in Kaz Mountains, Çanakkale, Türkiye (Hatice Dal, Evrim Karaçetin) (70-80)

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