Country Border Line Control of Autonomous Rotary Wing Aircraft that Can Detect and Track Moving Objects
Corresponding Author: Enes Özen
Received: 28.09.202
Accepted 22.11.202
Published 17.01.202

Autonomous systems are widely used in missions that require continuity and high attention. The most important of these is the control of borders, which is a national security problem. It is done with PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom) cameras located in the watch towers of the country's land borders, moving objects (human, vehicle, etc.) can be detected and this data is analyzed and converted into information in the relevant unit. In countries with very large land borders, installing such watchtowers would result in very high costs. Instead, this can be achieved with low-cost, low-altitude rotary wing aircraft. In this study, a system that can perform target detection and tracking is implemented thanks to the rotary wing aircraft that can perform this task and the imaging system it has on it.

Graphical Abstract: