DOI Number

Received: 17.01.202
Accepted 20.01.202
Published 23.01.202

A Novel Fully Controllable Rotary Switch for Electrical Installation in Buildings
(Research Article) 1
Claude Ziad El-Bayeh, Mohamed Zellagui, Brahim Brahmi

Testing of Pine Oil and Glycerol Ketal as Components of B10 Fuel Blend
(Research Article) 11
Ibrahim Mamedov, Sahila Huseynova, Ofelia Javadova, Nargiz Azimova,
Rahila Huseynova, Shargiya Gasimova

Country Border Line Control of Autonomous Rotary Wing Aircraft that Can Detect and
Track Moving Objects (Research Article) 15
Tuğrul Oktay, Enes Özen

Novel Optimal Perennial Calendar Systems vs Gregorian Calendar and Their Impact on
the Energy Demand and the Environment (Research Article) 20
Claude Ziad El-Bayeh, Mohamed Zellagui, Brahim Brahmi

CFD Modellıng of Voltacar Electric Vehicle Body for the Most Efficient Driving
Conditions (Research Article) 34
Yakup Ogun Suzen1, Emre Ozdogan, Ibrahim San, Batuhan Gurbuz, Mehmet Kacar,
Nesrin Demir, Mehmet Fatih Kaya

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