Pre-Pilot scale Microencapsulation of phase change materials for thermal energy storage applications.
Corresponding Author:
Received: 25.03.202
Accepted 16.05.202
Published 26.05.202

Most of the researcher has attempted for the encapsulation of phase change materials in small scale for the thermal storage applications. However, energy conversion in field applications require enormous quantity of thermal energy storage materials. In the present work, a pre-pilot scale is developed for by in-situ polymerization process for with encapsulation of different binary mixtures. The thermal properties of obtained microcapsules was characterized by DSC, TGA, and chemical structures were examined by FTIR, XRD, and FE-SEM were exploited to identify shape, mean size, functional groups, crystalline state, and weight loss of different microcapsules. The results show that the synthesized microcapsules were regular in shape and smooth shell is well was well encapsulated around cores. The thermal properties of different microcapsules are 34.9 ℃, 95.3 kJ/kg and 35.6 ℃, 98.5 kJ/kg resultant to microencapsulation of 75% Stearic acid + 25% Capric acid and 63% Capric acid + 37% Palmitic acid respectively. The encapsulation efficiencies were 78.2% and 73.09%. The percentage yields of the products are obtained ~82%.

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