Phase change materials for energy efficiency in building components – Overview
Corresponding Author: Dr. Srinivasarao Naik B
Received: 24.08.202
Accepted 06.10.202
Published 07.10.202

Energy demand in the building particularly in summer during peak hours due to outdoor climate and lack of sufficient high thermal mass construction materials. Advanced materials are required to reduce the recurring energy demand of buildings. This peak hour energy demand can be significantly reduced by using phase change materials (PCM). These PCMs may be incorporated into building components/ products in various ways. In this overview, the recent advances in the field of using different types of PCMs, parameters to be consider for building components, encapsulation of PCMs and influence of PCMs on thermal and mechanical properties of construction materials are briefly discussed. Importantly, behaviour of MPCM in building components is concisely elaborated in effective way.

Graphical Abstract: