Corresponding Author:
Received: 07.10.202
Accepted 10.10.202
Published 15.10.202

- Carbon Black Production from Various Sources by Thermal Cracking Method
(Research Article) Achal Pandey, Srinivasarao Naik B, Shishir Sinha, B. Prasad

- Testing of Ethylene Glycol Ketal, Dioxane and Cyclopentanone as Components of B10,
B20 Fuel Blends (Research Article) Ibrahim Mamedov, Gular Mamedova, Nargiz Azimova

-Investigation of the Performance Changes of the Savonius Wind Turbine Rotors with the
Same Front View Area of Look by Change of the Aspect Ratio
(Research Article) Mahmut Burak Akkus, Zeki Hakseve, Süleyman Osmanlı

- Phase Change Materials for Energy Efficiency in Building Components – Overview
(Review Article) Rachit Agarwal, Pradeep Rawat, Devendra Rai, Humaira Athar, Srinivasarao Naik B

-Hydroelectric Power Overview in 2021 of Turkey
(Research Article) Alaeddin Bobat

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