Assessment of CO and NO2 pollutants concentration in the parking area and its relation to the occupancy percentage in the city of Makassar, Indonesia
Corresponding Author: Sattar Yunus
Received: 04.01.202
Accepted 19.01.202
Published 26.01.202

Air quality measurement is the most important parameter of ambient air as it relates to harmful causes and effects on human health. Street parking causes high levels of air pollution due to the running of vehicle engines. The study presents measurements of CO and NO2 air pollutant levels in on-street parking lots conducted at his two different locations on Somba Opu Street, Nusantara Street, Masjid Raya Street and Jendral Sudirman Street in Makassar city with a different vehicle intensity and different layouts have been linked to occupancy using a simple linear statistical regression test. The results show that the analysis also showed that β = 0.71 (p<0.001). This means that a 1% increase in occupancy increased CO by a standard deviation of 0.71. The effect of occupancy on NO2 is also relatively high (β=0.83, p<0.001). These results indicate that the role of vehicle occupancy on roads causes rapid increases in CO and NO2 in the environment.

Graphical Abstract: