Testing of Some Ionic Liquids at the Synthesis of Biodiesel
Corresponding Author: Ibrahim Mamedov
Received: 04.01.202
Accepted 19.01.202
Published 26.01.202

The aim of the present work was to the preparation of biodiesel from sunflower oil and methanol by the transesterification reaction in the presence of some ionic liquid catalysts. The yield was 98% using a 1:5 molar ratio of oil to alcohol at 55°C and in the quinoline-based ionic liquid catalyst. Important fuel exploitation properties of B20 and B50 fuel blends had been investigated. Based on the obtained results is noted that the fuel blend B20 and B50 have greater potential for diesel engines than, B100 and fossil diesel. The best result was demonstrated B20 fuel blend among the studied fuels.

Graphical Abstract: