Corresponding Author:
Received: 27.01.202
Accepted 28.01.202
Published 30.01.202

- Hydrogeochemical Characteristics and Groundwater Quality Assessment of a Relatively- Pristine Agricultural Basin (Palas Basin) (F. D. Çelik, Ö. Karadeniz) (1-11)

- Experimental Investigation of the Effect of Acetone Additive to Diesel Fuel on Engine Performance and Exhaust Emissions at Partial Loads (V. S. Kül, A. D. Coşkun, S. O.) (12-18)

- Numerical and Optimization Study on a Heat Exchanger Tube Inserted with Ring by Taguchi Approach (T. Dağdevir) (19-27)

- Assessment of CO and NO2 Pollutants Concentration in the 28-32 Parking Area and its Relation to the Occupancy Percentage in the City of Makassar, Indonesia (S. Yunus, A. Yasin) (28-32)

- Testing of Some Ionic Liquids at the Synthesis of Biodiesel (I. Mamedov, M. Musazade, H. Rustamova, O. Javadova, N. Azimova) (33-36)

- Climate Change and Animal Movement Integration in the Environmental Niche Model
(H. E. Kışlıoğlu, I. Vera, G. Di Lallo, R. Hissink) (37-41)

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